"Working with Erika has been a dream! Not only is she an absolute sweetheart she is so full of talent, skill, and is tons of fun! She made us so comfortable and every photo turned out amazing! We will cherish the images of our wedding for years to come. Thank you so much for capturing our day perfectly, we love you!"


"Beyond her talent, which is unmistakable, Erika is also just fun to spending your wedding day with- her passion for what she does and how much she cares about capturing your day is obvious. In addition, her and Joshua Bryan, who we hired for video, work perfectly together. They know each other's process and are seamlessly in tune as they work. Hire them, you will not regret it."


"Erika provided us with being more than just our photographer, she made us feel so comfortable, made us feel like we've known each other for ever and has one of the sweetest most caring personalities. Throughout working with Erika, we gained a friend and also someone I would recommend to anyone looking for a photographer." 


The quick & dirty 

- It's Erika with a K

- Aquarius baby

- Fav social platform: Instagram for the inspo, TikTok for the laughs

- Enneagram 7w2

- Fav food: Dessert 

- It's a Friday night, where am I most likely at?  Home lol

I'm a creative entrepreneur + destination wedding photographer based out of Southern California. For literally as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera in hand and a day dreaming mind. If you were to ask baby Erika what she wanted to be when she grew up, I would have said a photographer. It makes my heart so happy that I get to say that dream came true!Finding the perfect photographer can be hard. There is SO much to digest, to understand, to read, to agree to… the list goes on.  It can sometimes feel impossible to find someone who actually has your same heart and vision for your big moments. Here is one thing I can tell you for certain, I've got your back. Not in the syrupy sweet kinda way but in the realest way possible. I'm here to make sure you are taken care of and I mean that from my core! I absolutely adore my job and everything about it. From the excitement of a wedding day, to the long nights editing, there is not one thing I don't love and I'm so thankful that I get to say this is my career. I'm not only here to be your photographer, but to be your friend, and someone you can trust. Someone who you can ask for help or be your most goofy self in front of. Because I promise you, for every weird dance move you do or stupid joke you say, I'll be laughing and dancing right next to you.

Hi, I'm Erika!


I married my highschool sweetheart. We've been together since 2014 and have a lifetime to go. Not only do we live together but we also work together! Josh and I are a photo & video team here to make all your visions come to life! 


I'm a sucker for a good margarita. If you say Tacos and Tequila I am there.. no questions asked. 


I'm an amatuer Youtuber & Makeup Artist. I've always been one to create, anything artistic I love! Even though I may not be the next Picasso, I like to think I can paint my face pretty well. I do everything from every day glam to SFX makeup, and my favorite is when I get to combine my love for photo & video with my love for makeup.


Where do I envision heaven to be?  Homegoods. Home decor and design is one of my favorite past times. I love me a good DIY no matter how big or small, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. 

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Heres the breakdown... 

Shopping for a photographer is just like dating, so here are the top things you need to know about me. 

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