Sam & Ben | Romantic Fall Wedding at The Kenmore Inn

  1. Kym Solley says:

    Dearest Erika,
    You have helped to make Sam & Ben’s wedding one of the most wonderful days of my life, and I shall be forever grateful to you. Your talent and skill has managed to capture the entire atmosphere and happiness of the day.
    I know you attend many weddings, but this day seemed to me to have all the elements come together in such a joyful way that I hope it was as memorable for you as it was for everyone who attended.
    The photos are beyond stunning and you are definitely in the right profession – you make people’s lives even happier than they already are. Sam looked so beautiful and even Ben scrubbed up well in his”bespoke” suit!!
    I am a fatalist and I do find it interesting that I have known you since you were a little thing, and then I have had the pleasure of watching you grow into the confident, clever and generous young woman that you are today. Thank you for your lovely blog – I did cry(again) when I read it and I love some of the extra photos that are included.
    Naturally, I can’t wait to see all the photos as I didn’t take a single pic all night – far too busy loving everything.
    Once again, thank you so much, and I feel very lucky to have had you photograph Sam & Ben, and create these memories for them for them to cherish.
    I wish you and Josh every happiness for your upcoming wedding and I can only imagine how breathtaking you will be as a bride!
    Much love, as always,
    Kym xo

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